Fruits of activism with Hon Marama Davidson


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Kiaora & Talofa to you all 🤎
What a great time for our Poly People to have their voices heard on different platforms raising awareness & sharing liberating empowering stories 🙌🏾💯
That being said, I’m so honoured to have this intriguing & empowering talanoa korero with NZ @nzgreenparty co Leader hon Marama Davidson 💚 where we talanoa about her humble beginnings as an MP, her upbringing as a seed of activism & her strong message in support of single parents esp single mothers & answers to our community’s questions around rent control, free public transport & the importance of having the mandates & so much more!
Give this empowering episode a share on social media with 3 of your fav people & have a discussion about what stood out to you, and if you have any feedback please share them with us! We are here for it 💯✊🏽
You can also watch a vodcast (video version of this korero/talanoa on YouTube here -
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Vacay feat Raggadat Cris & Lacoco
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