EPISODE 22A: Lion´s Gate 2022 + Footprints in the Sand Poem (for women)


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EPISODE 22A: Lion´s Gate 2022 + Footprints in the Sand Poem (for women)
This episode is number 8 of this season 2. This is the Episode of the Lion´s Gate. Can you feel the energy of the portal? I also did the meditation a little bit different this time. It is a poem that has helped me a lot through hard times. I hope it can help you too. Please listen to the for women episode, if you are a woman, and for men if you are male. It is just a small part of the poem that is different but I hope it will feel more personal for you as you listen.
Our next episode will be 2022-09-09. But of course there will be episodes in between, and if all goes well even more than 1 bonus episode per week! Be the Light. Share the Light. Spread the Light. Shine!

I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or LDS for short. All my life I felt awkward and out of place, not because of my religion, but because of my spiritual gifts. It was hard to combine the idea of what first seemed like two separate worlds. So my whole life I have tried. I have learnt more about my gifts, and stayed faithful to my faith. But then I heard people left the church because it seems impossible to combine the two. So I am here, to try and mend the rift. To show that it is possible to be both LDS and to have, and use, our spiritual gifts. I am not alone on this journey, but my sister, who just is waking up to her spiritual gifts is by my side and she will also share her story.
Jesus Christ, our older brother, was a healer. He asked us to love one another. So let´s follow in his footsteps. Please join me on this journey, let´s make a community of strong spiritual LDS, or whatever religion you belong to, and all work together to make this world a better place.
If you like what I do, then you can find me here:
If you have words of support or stories that you anonymously want me to share please write me at ldsandmedium@gmail.com. I will try and answer all your emails BUT I am very busy with my life and I hope you can have some patience with me.
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DISCLAIMER: This Podcast is not official LDS doctrine, nor is it in any way financially supported by the LDS church. All the content is either our own personal thoughts and reflections or stories from our lives or the lives of others. Any quotes included will come from the Bible, The Book of Mormon or other scriptures, Church publications, hymns, General Conference or spiritual sites.
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