19: ”Abrakababra” | Warhammer Fantasy: A New Low - Dwarf History Pt II


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In our third episode on Dwarfs we see that the creation of the great Vortex was successful and heralds the Golden age of the Dwarfs. We look at the trade between the Dwarfs and their new allies the Elves, respect, in particular, grew for Malekith and there was the expansion of the Karaz Ankor, their everlasting realm. But then BETRAYAL and DESTRUCTION as the Great War of Vengeance begins between these allies ended with the withdrawal of the elves and the quakes and eruptions that devastated the dwarven empire heralding the Time of Woes and the horrific events of the Goblin Wars.

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Show Notes and Imagery for this Episode: https://layingdownthelore.com/ep19/


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