294: Who Are You - to Attract the Abundance of Everything?


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Steven and Meg are excited about their upcoming concerts in Charleston, SC. Steven answers a KB’s question about how to become qualified to manifest the abundance of miracles. “Visions, when traditionalized, are somewhat more spectacular and sensational than the original states of mind because they have taken on the dualistic nature, one of a meme, attempting to express our sentient existence, and so people add form, color, and motion, to the metaphysical…because it’s just easier to describe spiritual experiences in this way. So spiritual memes…. are common in all religions, but the problem is….because the lower state of being…that identifies with the empirical forms of memes, are not going to transform a person, they’re not going cannot transfer a sense of the essence of freedom, or even a deliverance from the lower state of consciousness, which is the most profound, satisfying, transpersonal of all spiritual experiences. And since the lower state of being, which is unconscious, would rather have ten thousand visions, memes…rather then a higher sense of transformation, religionists have been tasked with trying to identify with transpersonal freedom, or attempting to identify with being good enough for salvation, which is an egoic endeavor, rather than a free gift of transcendence. So you have temporal religions attempting to identify with transcending the ego—with redemption…ironically, by using thoughts formed by the ego—which says I am more…or I am less…than I am.”
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