What Men Want


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Our most requested show ever - WHAT MEN WANT will be broadcast LIVE here on BTR, and streaming LIVE on our Eye on the Future Radio Show page on FB and Youtube on Thursday May 13, 2021 at 8PM(ET). Lady Fontaine shares her dating and relationship secrets all through the show along with her panel of experts - Jim Elkin the resident spiritual guru and Paul LaPlaca our incredible host. Phone lines open at 7:45PM*ET). Please call us with your questions and comments.. Join us tonight as Lady Fontaine known as America's #1 Love Psychic and her co-hosts Jim Elkin and Paul LaPlaca discuss this and more! Come join us and get answers to your questions. Call in for a FREE psychic reading on any topic from Lady Fontaine and her co-hosts. You'll get great answers, insight and advice from her team of experts. We are waiting for your call!!! MEN - please call us tonight with your insight, comments and questions!!!! Phone lines open at 7:45pm! Please call early to get in queue! Please read our Guidelines to callers on our profile!

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