The Art of Letting Go


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What is letting go and why is it so difficult for us to do? Letting go is all about being honest with yourself and facing the truth. Rather than duping yourself into believing things letting go is about facing the facts. Sometimes you don’t have the power to change other people or situations in your life. We don’t have the power to fix other people, make them love you. We can’t influence them to change. That’s the most important truth that we can work with if we are going to let go of difficult and troubling relationships or failed relationships which are, in fact, some of the most difficult things for us to let go of. In this episode, Lady Fontaine and her panel of experts discuss letting going and living our lives without attachment (called detachment) and how that causes gratification and peace of mind. It also has the potential to free-up energy to allow things - oftentimes better things to come into your life. Call in for a FREE psychic reading or love and relationship guidance on any topic from Lady Fontaine and her co-hosts. You'll get great answers, insight and advice from Lady Fontaine and her team of experts. Give us a call. We want to hear from you! Phone lines open at 7:45pm! Please call early Co-host James Elkin, L.Ac., EastWest Healing Arts & Acupuncture, LLC: Over the last 50 years, Jim has journeyed through many careers, schools, languages, cultures and religions. He draws on his significant resources and experiences in his work as a healer, and parent. Host Paul LaPlaca is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist with a long history of performance and recording. He hosts his own music/ interview show on He's toured extensively and was the opening band for the 2004 KISS/ Poison tour, scored films,and mixed several.

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