Spooky Halloween Special


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It's almost Halloween and we're here to help you celebrate! It's spooky it's fun and informative! We are excited to have the return of one of our original co-hosts from years back - the acclaimed actress and producer JOANNA SANCHEZ! We're excited to welcome her back. She'll be hosting this show!!! We'll be talking about All Hallow's Eve and discuss all things spooky! Lady Fontaine may give a few of her secrets to having a successful seance. We'll also be talking about hauntings - 1) What they are 2) How they are classified and 3) What are some possible causes of hauntings! We'll be taking calls LIVE on the air. Please call in with your questions on any topic. We have a NEW call-in number! (563) 999-3497! ****** PLEASE read the GUIDELINES on our profile page regarding how Lady Fontaine takes calls, how she reads and what info is needed (first names ONLY please!) ################### We are so thrilled to have Joanna back on the show for our Halloween SPECIAL! Joanna Sanchez is a well established actress, producer and acting coach. She as appeared on Broadway as well as Off Broadway. Her many television credits include Guest Starring roles on 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' opposite Danny Devito, ER, The Closer, Mad About You, The Sara Silverman Show and the series 'So Notorious'. Her film credits include 'Up Close and Personal' with Robert Redford, Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and the Wolf with Jack Nicholson. (see more on fb,twitter, etc)

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