Letting go of Resistance


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Life throws you a curve. You angrily question how unfair life is. You 'resist' the current situation and try anything in your power to change it. Another form of resistance is people rejecting their emotions. You may resist feel sad or angry. When you resist feeling that emotion there is an inner conflict which causes another layer of emotional pain.This happens often when we lose a job or a relationship ends. Instead of accepting the circumstances we 'resist' and try to get the ex back or resist the situation. The more we resist the more emotional pain we feel.This dilemma is so common that the Buddhists long ago reduced it to a formula: Pain x Resistance = Suffering. Translation: Fighting against (or resisting) the reality of the pain in your life creates suffering. So, what do we do? Lady Fontaine and her panel of experts examine this topic to help you release the resistance and begin living your life more harmoniously. Call us with your questions on this or any topic. Lady Fontaine and her panel of experts are here to help guide you through life's challenges (and joys)! Call in for a FREE psychic reading or love and relationship guidance. You'll get great insightful answers,advice and guidance. Give us a call. We want to hear from you! Phone lines open at 7:45pm! Please call early and get in queue. Co-host James Elkin, L.Ac.,EastWest Healing Arts & Acupuncture, LLC: Over the last 50 years, Jim has journeyed through many careers, schools, languages, cultures and religions. He draws on his significant resources and experiences in his work as a healer, and parent. Host Paul LaPlaca is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist with a long history of performance and recording. He hosts his own music/ interview show on purerockradio.net. He's toured extensively and was the opening band for the 2004 KISS/ Poison tour, scored films,and mixed several.

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