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Tonight's episode Lady Fontaine and co-hosts James Elkin and Paul LaPlaca discuss ANGELS. What are they, how to connect with them and how they can enrich your journey in life. Join Lady Fontaine aka America's #1 Love Psychic along with Jim Elkin the resident healing guru and Paul LaPlaca our incredible host. Phone lines open at 7:45PM (ET). Please call us with your questions and comments. Our phone number is: (319) 527-6216 Join us tonight as Lady Fontaine known as America's #1 Love Psychic and her co-hosts Jim Elkin and Paul LaPlaca discuss this intriguing topic. Our hosts give their perspectives and pesonal experiences with ANGELS for a great discussion. Come join us and get answers to your questions. Call in for a FREE psychic reading on any topic from Lady Fontaine and her co-hosts. You'll get great answers, insight and advice from Lady Fontaine and her team of experts. We are waiting for your call!!! Phone lines open at 7:45pm! Please call early to get in queue! (319) 527-6216 Please be prepared with a SPECIFIC QUESTION and please be prepared to discuss your situation on the air. NO GENERAL QUESTIONS like 'When will Joe call' or 'When will I get a new job' etc. These types of questions will NOT be answered on the air. Please book a private session with Lady Fontaine for those types of questions. We are waiting to hear from you. Give us a call NOW!!!

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