Labor Relations Radio, Ep. 48—Government Intervention Into Railroad Contracts Exposes Political Expediency and Ideological Hypocrisy


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If only Samuel Gompers were alive today. People pushing the PRO Act who are upset at Biden imposing contracts on rail workers are exhibiting their philosophical hypocrisy.

“The continuing clamor for extension of state regulatory powers under the guise of reform and deliverance from evil can but lead into greater confusion and more hopeless entanglements.” — Samuel Gompers, 1923

With President Biden and Congress imposing labor contracts on rail workers last week, we saw people who normally demand government intervention into the economy decrying government intervention; while, at the same time, people normally opposed to government intervention in the free market applauded government intervention.

In this episode of Labor Relations Radio, on the heels of politicians imposing contracts on railroad workers, host Peter List addresses the hypocrisy of those for and against the passage of the PRO Act (or Protecting the Right to Organize Act).


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