PS Plus Games Revealed & BIG Silent Hill Plans - Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.16.22


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Holy cow WHAT A NEWS DAY. Let's talk about the new PS Plus games lineup, reports for at least 3 new Silent Hill games, a follow-up on that Jim Ryan Sony debacle, and a whole lot more.

Time Stamps -

00:00:00 - Start

00:05:59 - Housekeeping

  • In case you missed it, there’s a new episode of the Kinda Funny Xcast where the crew is joined by Danny from G4 and GamerTag Radio to talk about Starfield and Redfall’s delay. That’s available right now on and podcast services around the globe.

The Roper Report -

00:07:20 - The new PS Plus games lineup has been revealed!

00:25:20 - Ubisoft + is coming to PlayStation

00:34:22 - Fall Guys Updates

00:38:38 - Ads

00:40:46 - Konami has big plans for Silent Hill

00:50:15 - Remedy has provided updates on FIVE projects in development

00:58:10 - After Roe v. Wade cat email gaffe, Sony and Insomniac plan donations

01:04:22 - Multiversus confirms new characters and an open beta release date

01:06:40 - Out today

01:08:24 - You‘re Wrong

Tomorrow’s Hosts: Tim & Whitta

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