Children’s Book Awards 2013 Finalists!


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*cue trumpet noise* doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doooo!

It’s almost that time of the year again! Children’s Book Week is coming up!

This year, Children’s Book Week is May 13 to May 19 — which means there’s just about a month left to vote for the Children’s Choice Book Awards that are part of the big celebration. As you’ve probably already guessed, these are book awards where the votes come from kids like YOU. Teachers, librarians, and other old fogies (like me and Karen) vote separately, so your vote is all the more important!

Check out this year’s finalists for Book of the Year and see how you can vote below!

If you’re in 3rd or 4th Grade… Vote Here!

3-4_Homer 3-4_Just_Joking 3-4_Pluto_Visits 3-4_Scoop_on_Poop 3-4_Bad_Kitty

If you’re in 5th or 6th Grade… Vote Here!

5-6_Rebel_McKenzie 5-6_Stickman_Odyssey 5-6_Pickle 5-6_Liar_and_Spy 5-6_Dork_Diaries_4

You can also vote for Author and Illustrator of the Year. Finalists include R.J. Palacio, Jeff Kinney, and Rick Riordan — all of whom always make us think…

We’re not worthy!

Happy Voting!


icon_nancyNancy hates voting because she hates making decisions. But we all gotta do what we gotta do…

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