What is Joyful Leadership? Will it Impact the Company's Bottom Line?


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Neeti Dewan joins Karen Rands on the Compassionate Capitalist Show to talk about leadership impact on the financial bottom line of business. We are familiar with these 5 styles of leadership: Authoritarian | Participative | Delegative | Transactional | Transformational Neeti introduces the impact of Joyful Leadership on employee retention and productivity and developing your Power of Silence as an effective leadership tool. Neeti Dewan is an Author, Key Note Speaker, Global Finance & Tax Leader, and Seasoned Board Director. She is a Founding Member of the Atlanta Chapter of the Private Directors Association and currently is the Global Tax Leader for ClubCar. Neeti has been the recipient of numerous awards, and most recently named "The Most Successful Businesswomen to watch, 2021" with a feature in the magazine, CIO Views. Neeti's latest book, as discussed in this podcast is: “High Level Leadership, Low Level Stress”. Learn more and get in touch visit: www.neetidewan.com Karen Rands, is the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement™ and author of the best selling financial investment primer: Inside Secrets to Angel Investing. She is an authority on creating wealth through investing and building successful businesses that can scale and exit rich. Visit http://Kugarand.com to learn how to hire her firm to identify the red flags of deal before you invest or try to raise capital. Subscribe to this podcast where you listen to podcasts. Check out the book and get 12 of the 46 Inside Secrets Free http://InsideSecretsToAngelInvesting.com With your purchase of the book, you get access to Karen's resource portal for investors and entry level membership in the National Network of Angel Investors. youtube: https://youtu.be/GMpdcCHkBu4

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