Ryan Chaw - Millionaire by 30 Compassionate Capitalist Strategies to Create Weal


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Karen Rands is joined by Pharmacist by Day - Real Estate Investor by Night - Ryan Chaw, who is well on his way to becoming a self made millionaire by the age of 28 through real estate investing, with the intention to use that wealth to invest in innovation that he is passionate about. Today you will learn how - How he used college town investing and targeted advertising to create a 6 figure rental portfolio in California (even during COVID), where most houses are overpriced and cash flow is limited. - How he created a reliable system for self-managing 6 single family homes while still working my full-time pharmacist job. (It involves attracting high quality tenants, tenant empowerment, and creating the right team.) - The (completely avoidable) mistakes that cost him over $30K on my first investment...and how new real estate investors can make sure to avoid them. - And the motivation that keeps him striving to become a true Compassionate Capitalist. To connect with Ryan and get his free Real Estate Investor Hacks eBook - CLICK: www.newbierealestateinvesting.com/guide Karen Rands works with entrepreneurs seeking strategies and capital to do scale. She works with solo angel investors seeking assistance in screening deals and syndicating with other investors, angel groups and venture funds. As the author of the best selling 'primer' on Angel Investing, she is routinely called upon to apply her knowledge and experience to complex situations. This podcast is the megaphone to spread the word about wealth creation through funded innovation - The Compassionate Capitalist Movement. Learn More: http://karenrands.co Get the Book: Inside Secrets to Angel Investing http://InsideSecretsToAngelInvesting.com

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