Investing in FinTech with an Impact, With Eric Hazard of Vested Ventures


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Karen Rands is joined by Eric Hazard of Vested Ventures to discuss what “financial literacy” really means and why "fintech" is uniquely qualified to help provide it -- and how Compassionate Capitalists, angel investors, can make money while investing in companies that are solving social and economic inequality. The lack of financial literacy has created a market ripe for predatory consumer lending abuse with payday lending schemes and the structure of private student loans. You can trace the greed of certain financial institutions whom preyed on the financial naivete of people of color and first time home buyers with those crazy no money down balloon mortgages, leading to the real estate bubble and great recession 20 years ago. In this podcast / video cast you will learn: - The basic definition of FinTech and how it has evolved - Why financial literacy begins with financial access - How FinTech can strengthen relationships between businesses and their employees & customers, and be a force for good - Why Vested Ventures is investing and accelerating in FinTech companies and how you can invest and succeed as well Eric Hazard is a financial technology and communications veteran, and the CEO Vested Ventures. Eric holds a certificate in Fintech from MIT and is the host of the online video series Focus on Fintech. Vested Ventures invests in ultra lean FinTech entrepreneurs through a unique combination of money, network and communication exposure. Learn More: Karen Rands advises entrepreneurs and investors on how to create wealth through funded innovation. Learn more about Kugarand Capital Holdings' services and pick up Karen's best selling book on angel investing at

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