Celebrate Women: How to Win in a Man’s World as a Sexy Boss w/ Heather Havenwood


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In support and celebration of International Women's Day, and recognizing March as Women's History month, we celebrate all that it means to be a woman. In honor of all that women have achieved and all that is yet to achieve, including real equality- in mind, body, and bank account, we looked into the Compassionate Capitalist Show Vault and rediscover this memorable interview with famed 'Sexy Boss' Heather Havenwood. Karen and Heather have a lively chat about these 4 core topics: Take Total Ownership Over Your Thoughts The Real Definition of Sexy Not Caring if People Think You are a B*&$h! Brand yourself with Class----Influence “Sexy Boss Inc. is all about empowering women by redefining how the rules for business and money apply to them,” Havenwood says. “You rarely hear men complaining about obstacles when it comes to succeeding in business, you don’t find men asking for permission - they just do what’s necessary to win. Heather Havenwood is the author of “Sexy Boss: How the Empowerment of Women is Changing the Rule Book for Money, Success and Sex,” It is the framework for her coaching program that helps women overcome their fears of launching a business and achieving their full potential, to set the stage for phenomenal success from the very start. https://heatherhavenwood.com/media/ https://sexybossinc.com Karen Rands is the author of 'Inside Secrets to Angel Investing" - step by step guide to creating wealth through owning a part of multiple companies; founded by passionate entrepreneurs. Get the book to learn how to become a Compassionate Capitalist and create wealth through funding innovation and creating jobs in your community. http://InsideSecretstoAngelInvesting.com http://karenrands.co Watch on youtube: https://youtu.be/tIbB7d3u88I

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