Black Economic Empowerment and Prosperity Part 2 Replay


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In celebration of Black History Month, we brought back Karen's popular 2 part podcast series on Black Economic Prosperity - Past Present and Future. Catch new intro and update too. The wealth gap between white and black communities because of systemic racism and the resulting obstacle for building equity and wealth is astounding. This is part 2 of Karen Rands' series on Black Economic Empowerment and Prosperity. This episode addresses the 10X prosperity gap, as reported by the Brookings Institute (AVG Black Household net worth is just $17,150 in 2016, while the average white household is $171,000) and suggests causes for that vast divide that compounded over time and builds upon the research and insights provided in Episode 1. Here, Karen discusses the cycles of prosperity for Blacks in a segregated America, often followed by violence and out right biased legislative and financial practices intended to help enrich White while prohibiting Blacks from participating in those same economic and educational opportunities. Karen touches on the challenges with public education, higher education, and societal beliefs that infect the black identity in America and the historic lack of capital and offers insight into new opportunities for Black Americans. Karen provides a strong call to action for successful black business owners, and 'white' corporations, investors, VCs and Family Offices to be proactive in efforts to engage and uplift minority entrepreneurs and black business owners. The many links referenced in the podcast can be found in the blog post for this segment at The live video of this podcast is to see Karen's passion on this topic in action:

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