Angel Investing in BioMed & Life Science Startups with Tico Blumenthol


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Investing in Tech Startups is not like investing in Med Tech or Bio Med or Life Sciences. Listen to hear the best practices for investing in innovation that can change the way we live and thrive. Karen Rands interviews Tico Blumenthal, Life Science Angels, to share with her Compassionate Capitalist Podcast audience the journey from innovation corporate exec to innovation investor. Tico demonstrates how he is a Compassionate Capitalist as he shares his passion, putting his investment capital to work with the intent of serving the aim of better health, globally. To that end he advises and invests in a diverse portfolio of early stage ventures, including implantable diagnostics, cardiovascular devices and digital health. Listen to learn about Tico's passion about innovation and some best practices for assessing deals ripe for investment. Tico Blumenthal, formerly, the head of Global Strategic Marketing at Cardinal Health's Cordis interventional vascular division, and is currently the VP of Product at Eko still working in the cardiopulmonary field. He is a Board Member and Chair of the Medical Device Screening Committee of Life Science Angels, who make Seed/Series A investments across life sciences, digital health and med devices. Tico's personal portfolio includes genetic diagnostics, oncology-focused biotech therapeutics, structural heart, interventional oncology tools, digital health, infectious disease diagnostics, and adjacencies. To learn more about Life Science Angels, visit To learn more about how Karen is working to bring a fresh new generation of investors to the market as compassionate capitalists, and to understand how she helps investors screen and evaluate opportunities, visit The interview is also available on youtube:

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