Episode 29: Angel Investing – Who, What, Why, & How to Make Millions Investing in Entrepreneurs


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In this segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast, Karen Rands responds to an entrepreneur's question: What is an Angel Investor? Since 2012, the definition and the game to attract angel investors has changed. Once considered only an activity available for an exclusive group of entrepreneurs turned investors, the access to capital and those who can invest in an entrepreneur's success to share that wealth all changed with the passage of the JOBS Act to stimulate the economy. Angel Investing is the 2nd best source for creating generational wealth, but less than 5% of the US public knows about it.
Karen explains the history and evolution of angel investing and the good news: the wall between entrepreneurs and would-be investors has been removed, creating opportunity for financial success through entrepreneurism for the founders and the investors.
Listen and learn the 4 ways entrepreneurs can solicit for investors from the general public of potential investors outside of the structured angel network funnel--- and the four easy ways ANYONE with disposable income and liquidity in their investment strategy can invest in entrepreneurs from startup to growth stage, in their community or thousands of miles away. Karen also shares the emotional and financial benefits investors have shared with her when investing in cool innovation and brilliant entrepreneurs.
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