Episode 27: What Would This Compassionate Capitalist Do with $1OOM or even $1M?


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How would you answer the question: What would you do if you were given $100M no questions asked ? How would you benefit the world with that gift that would compound the impact?
That is what Karen was asked at a recent entrepreneur/investor event she attended. Well not exactly. Not the part about benefiting the world or compounding the impact. That is just how she thinks. As the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement, it is on her heart to leave a legacy, her 'thumbprint' on the world, that amplifies wealth creation through increasing the available capital actively seeking qualified entrepreneur endeavors to invest in and produce a multiple on that money so that it can be reinvested again and again and again. In this episode, Karen talks about the Compassionate Capitalist Movement, and the actions she would take, the programs she would create, and types of projects she would lead investment in if she was blessed with such a financial gift (or investment, or sponsorship) whether $100M, $10M, $1M or even $100K. An investment in her vision for the Compassionate Capitalist Show as the megaphone for the Compassionate Capitalist Movement would accellerate the delivery of education, workshops, deal syndication, and wealth for the entrepreneurs and investors that join.
Referenced in the podcast:
ThumbPrint on the World: http://bit.ly/KCHthumb
Land Betterment Corporation: https://bit.ly/CCSBetterment
Vertical Farming Green Eden: https://bit.ly/CCSEden
Get the Book: http://bit.ly/AngelInsideSecrets
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