Episode 24: Celebration of Juneteenth - Black Prosperity - Past, Present & Future


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This episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Show Podcast will explore the history of black enterprise, racial policies intended to aid in economic prosperity and racist practices that created barriers and obstacles to African American prosperity.
True equality comes with economic prosperity.
The Compassionate Capitalist Podcast will explore the history of black enterprise, and government policies intended to aid in economic prosperity, and the racist practices that created barriers and obstacles to African American prosperity so that wealth and education gap which exists today has its roots dating back to the late 1800. History shows time and time again how naive, well intentioned white people, in the spirit of compromise, released authority and control to other white people that had a sole intent to harm and hinder black people from achieving equality - socially and economically.
There are many examples of progress being made and initiatives seeking to grow black entrepreneurship, wealth creation, and reinvestment into the communities that have been neglected and abandoned. As we look forward with these new sources of funding and entrepreneur development, we must also look back to see how to fix the fissure that over a 100 years of systemic racism has caused in our communities. If you are opposed to giving hand outs, then give a hand up. Work to get the loopholes that enable racists to harm and prevent the success and empowerment of people of color out of our financial, judicial, and legislative systems.
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