Episode 22: Compassionate Capitalist Show - Cultivation Capital with Cliff Holekamp


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Karen Rands is joined by Cliff Holekamp, managing partner and co-founder of Cultivation Capital, to talk about the growth in entrepreneurism as a stimulus to local economies. Cities out of Silicon Valley and the Boston/New York corridor struggle to cultivate entrepreneurs and community based sources of capital to grow the jobs in their community and fuel economic development. Boutique VC firms like Cultivation Capital seek to change that narrative by investing their time, knowledge, resources and capital to partner with those founders who are poised to make significant impact on the local economy with job creation and cultivation of ecosystem to plant seeds of prosperity. Karen & Cliff also discuss industry trends and best practices for entrepreneurs to achieve success.
Cliff Holekamp, heads up the Cultivation Capital VC Fund in Greenville SC, as a secondary office to their HQ in St. Louis. The fund was started in 2012 and has expanded to offer capital in 4 areas: Software, BioTech, AgTech, GeoFacial Tech. Learn more about Cultivation Capital: https://cultivationcapital.com/
Karen Rands launched the Compassionate Capitalist Movement with the publication of her best seller, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing bring economic prosperity to communities eager to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurism. To learn more, visit http://karenrands.co
Also available as a video: https://youtu.be/3YJKgnQr378
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