How To Get Started With Podcasting and Almost Anything Else - One Mic with Brian Ondrako


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On this special One Mic Session, my best friend, and host of the Pursuit of Happiness Podcast, Ryan McGuire takes over hosting duties and turns the questions back on me. Given this is the 4-year anniversary of the Just Get Started Podcast, we share stories, insights, and advice about getting started with Podcasting and some of the things to consider along the journey.

Our conversation spans several areas around getting started but we continue to tie it back to Podcasting and how anybody can get started.

Although it would take hours to uncover every avenue you can go, I wrote an ebook called "The Bootstrappers Guide To Podcasting" that can be found on Amazon. Frankly, I'd love for it to be free but those are the rules for putting it on Amazon and it's the lowest I can sell it at for $.99. Here is the link -

Thanks for listening in and if you had any questions on Podcasting I can help with feel free to drop me a line on my website -

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