Episode 197 - 鬼 (Unreqvited / The Ember, The Ash)


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This week on the Just An Insight Podcast we are joined by 鬼 the musical mastermind behind the projects Unreqvited and The Ember, The Ash. We talk about getting into heavy music and having more of a leaning towards metalcore, how they use music as a coping mechanism and how they sit with the idea of the projects being anonymous. To keep up to date with everything going on with both Unreqvited and The Ember, The Ash you can do so via all their various social media platforms. Unreqvited: Facebook - facebook.com/unreqvited Twitter -@UNRQVTD Instagram - @UNRQVTD Bandcamp - unreqvited.bandcamp.com The Ember, The Ash: Facebook - facebook.com/theembertheash Twitter - @theembertheasah Instagram - @theembertheasah Bandcamp - theembertheash.bandcamp.com Also as mentioned on the show we are currently accepting submissions for our next charity sampler. If you want to get involved send us your track at just_an_insight@hotmail.co.uk

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