The Johnny Archive Fantasy Baseball Show with SPECIAL GUEST Matthew Berry of ESPN


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Join Johnny Archive for another exclusive interview of an industry leader as he welcomes the most celebrated fantasy personality in the fantasy sports business, Matthew Berry of ESPN. Berry discusses many topics, including; what fantasy owners should do with their slow starting players in 2010, how to "break in" to the ever-growing fantasy sports industry, the impact of major companies like Bloomberg launching a fantasy sports product in 2010 and the importance of the MLB Network's Fantasy 411 which is a daily fantasy sports show. Does "The Talented Mr Roto" prefer high-dollar leagues or free leagues? Tune in Sunday 4/11/10 at 6PM EDT at BlogTalkRadio and the Fantasy Sports Channel to find out. Go "Live With Archive" as JA also discusses the latest news/notes from the world of fantasy baseball. Get unique insight into which players are crucial for your team and a successful 2010 fantasy baseball season!

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