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Edge computing allows for faster data access and computation.

When your client application makes a request, that request might be routed to the edge. Edge servers are more numerous and more widely distributed than normal data centers, but an edge server might not have all of the data or the complete application logic for the backend to serve your request.

Edge servers have historically been used for content delivery networks (CDN). CDNs are useful for hosting and serving media files that might otherwise be slow to access over a network. More recently, applications are also using edge servers for computation, as well as storage of resources which are smaller than the movies, music, and images that have traditionally been stored on an edge server.

Steve Klabnik is an engineer with Cloudflare, and he returns to the show to discuss storage at the edge. In Steve’s previous appearances we have explored Rust and WebAssembly, and we also touch on those topics in today’s episode.


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