JSMP 4: Misko Hevery on Qwik - No hydration, auto lazy-loading, edge cacheable, and fun


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What's up everyone, this is Dariusz Kalbarczyk co-founder of NG Poland, JS Poland, AngularMaster.dev & WorkshopFest.dev. Welcome back to the JavaScript Master Podcast.

Today, together with Miško Hevery, who is an CTO at Builder.io, creator of Qwik, Angular, Angular.js and co-creator of Karma.js, we will tell you about everything that happens around Qwik.

  1. Hi Miško. How are you?
  2. For those who don't know you yet, please tell us about yourself?
  3. What exactly do you do at Builder.io? What does your work day look like?
  4. Before we get started, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't ask you about Angular. I know that this podcast is supposed to be dedicated to Qwik, I know it is your newest baby and you surely love it very much. Am I correct? I also know that you are the creator of AngularJS, about which I once wrote a book, which completely changed my professional life. For that I would like to publicly thank you now!
  5. Tell us how you started your adventure with Angular, what was the main driving force for you, to create this amazing framework, and what goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of this journey?
  6. Let's now turn to the main topic of our conversation which is: Qwik. Qwik offers the fastest possible page load times - regardless of the complexity of your website. Qwik is so fast because it allows fully interactive sites to load with almost no JavaScript and pickup from where the server left off. What does it mean?
  7. What goals did you set for yourself this time?
  8. What, then, is the difference between the current generation of frameworks and Qwik?
  9. Why is Qwik unique? What is the biggest benefit of switching to your new baby?
  10. Since Qwik gives us something like a screenshot of the data, how often is the dynamic data from the server refreshed?
  11. Does Qwik help the developer write applications faster, or is it focused on download speed.
  12. For whom would you recommend Qwik, and for what? For developers of small sites or rather for big players, or maybe for both?
  13. What's the easiest way to get started with Qwik? Is the entry threshold high?
  14. What is Qwik city and why do we need it?
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