Special Guest Evan Burk NFL-Coach-Turned-Speaker, Executive Coach, Podcast Host & Author Discusses His New Book, "Finding Intangibles"


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Evan Burk is a Speaker, former NFL Coach, and Podcast Host who uses the sports world as his backdrop to engage audiences with thought-provoking lessons of leadership, team-building, and creating championship cultures. Evan is not your typical football coach. Despite not playing football beyond high school and no network in the coaching profession, Evan's unlikely football journey began as a 4th grade coach, where he quickly worked his way to the NFL in just 6 years, and included coaching for teams such as the Miami Dolphins, UCLA, and SMU.

After spending fifteen-plus years working with the highest-performing athletes, coaches, and teams on the planet, Coach Burk uses his unique football coaching background to teach people how to utilize the same strategies in business and life that elite players and teams use to perform at a world-class level.

He also hosts his own weekly sports leadership podcast, The Highest Level, where he reveals how championship team cultures are built and the keys to leadership excellence at the highest level. In 2022, Burk released Finding Intangibles, a practical guide that inspires readers to change how they think about peak performance and team building in highly competitive environments. Told through his lens as an NFL coach and noted speaker, the book encourages readers to stop judging people on talent, and instead prioritize character in the talent acquisition process to unleash the true potential of their team.

Through an exciting blend of dynamic storytelling and real-life case studies, Finding Intangibles shares Evan Burk's unique perspective and reveals the framework for how organizations can update their approaches to focus on the influences that intangibles have on establishing a strong culture, building winning teams and achieving competitive greatness.

About "Finding Intangibles: How to Uncover the Hidden Traits that Drive Elite Performers and Championship Teams"

Throughout his NFL and college coaching career, Evan Burk was struck by the glaring absence of focus on intangible characteristics when evaluating elite athletes.

While talent is a key piece of winning in any high performance business, it takes more to win at the highest levels than just having talent. It is the unseen traits that end up separating the elite performers. The great teams are always looking to create an edge in everything they do. For years, data was used to help teams gain an advantage. Today, everyone has data. Character is the new competitive advantage for teams.

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