Free Psychic Readings Friday with Special Guest Psychic Medium Scarlet Porretta


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I am pleased to offer Free Psychic Readings Friday with Special Guest Psychic Medium Scarlett Porretta this Friday, 7/15/22 from 7-8 p.m. EST.

Scarlet lives in Ontario, Canada and I had the pleasure of first meeting our guest when she came on my show last year! Scarlet is an Intuitive Psychic Medium, and when we instantly connected with one another I knew that I wanted to bring her onto our show to share her gifts with members of our audience! As a child, Scarlet was able to see spirits, read energy, and forsee events. For many years, having these abilities frightened Scarlet since she feared being judged by others. Eventually, Scarlet came to accept her intuitive abilities as she followed her calling and as the universe pulled her in the direction of helping others. Whether offering guidance or speaking to decased loved ones on the other side, our guest seeks to bring clarity and peace to those who work with her spiritual practice. Guest website:

I look forward to taking questions from members of our audience with Scarlet!

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