S2 Episode 3: The Disappearance of Rituals: A Topology of the Present


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Excuse us, we have been busy! We kickstart (restart?) Season 2 with Byung-Chul Han's 'The Disappearance of Rituals.
Published in 2019, the book is a critical review of western society, taking aim at neoliberalism and the relentless force of capitalism in the erosion of community in the 21st century. Using examples of rituals from the past Byung-Chul juxtaposes a community without communication – where the intensity of togetherness in silent recognition provides structure and meaning – to today’s communication without community, which does away with collective feelings and leaves individuals exposed to exploitation and manipulation by neoliberal psycho-politics.
Stay tuned, as we discuss: whether rituals do still exist, religion and it's interwoven connection with ritualistic traditions via architecture, and...Masturbation?

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