Ep. 60 - Do Guilty People Deserve a Legal Defense? Featuring Donald Cameron Clark Jr.


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The boys are back in town! After a little summer hiatus, Russ and Colin jump back on the mic to discuss a topic you've probably wondered about: why should we bother defending people who are obviously guilty? Why give them the chance to evade justice? Why should someone like Bill Cosby go free on a technicality, when he was already convicted in a court of law by a jury of his peers? To help answer these questions, our intrepid podcasters turn to a guest speaker: Don Clark, fellow attorney and author of the new book Summary Judgment. In that book, and in this interview, Don recounts his time appealing the sentence of a death row inmate in Alabama, offering valuable insights into the justice system and our own moral code. Missing this one would be indefensible!

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