021. Rebuilding Self Worth & Confidence with Intuitive Eating: Stela’s Journey


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If you’ve experienced body changes that impacted your confidence & self-worth, OR if you’ve ever felt like “how can I be a grown adult woman and not know how to eat?!” You’re going to love listening to this.

In this episode, we have a lovely guest, Stela, who is a past participant of the Embodied Food Freedom small group coaching program! Stela was part of EFF near the beginning of 2022 and is sharing a glimpse into her experiences and journey with you in this episode.

We chat about:

  • Regaining confidence after body changes
  • Learning to work with our body's inner wisdom of hunger & fullness
  • Moving through self-doubt & negative self-talk
  • Self-compassion and how it’s an integral part of intuitive eating
  • Viewing food in a more positive way
  • Nutrition by addition & incorporating satisfaction into meals

Plus, Stela shares her advice for you while you’re on your food freedom journey, so be sure to stick around til the end of the episode for that!

Interested in joining EFF yourself? Click here to apply (while spots are available). This program is all about moving from overeating and stressing about food to feeling at peace and confident with food and your body! I’d love for you to also re-find your sense of self-worth & confidence while kicking diet culture to the curb! Let’s do this.


Apply for Embodied Food Freedom: theintuitivenutritionist.com/eff

Connect with Jenn on IG: @the.intuitive.nutritionist

Show Notes: theintuitivenutritionist.com/podcast

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