Ep 439: Tatiana Livesey DipWSET, WSET Diploma student summit 2021, (2/5)


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Welcome to Day 2 of the WSET Diploma student summit 2021. Continuing to connect past graduates with current students, helping to pass on the knowledge and experience they gained on their way to prize-winning performances. Today’s guest Tatiana Livesey is a double award winner, achieving consistently high grades overall, as well as excelling in her fortified exam. ENJOY!

Episode outline:

  • Origin Story
  • Moving from Level 3 to Level 4
  • An early wake up call on her exam journey
  • Lustau Prize
  • Learning styles
  • The Power of Excel
  • Preparation for tasting
  • The Wine Trade Club Paten Prize
  • Links between Diploma and current role
  • Using podcasts to prepare for the Diploma

Intro and outro musicThe New Investorshttp://newinvestors.dk/Contact: glenn@velournet.dk

Guest: Tatiana Livesey DipWSET

Date recorded: 21 December 2020

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