How will the global food crisis of 2022 affect different regions of the world?


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In this episode of The Roundtable, our intelligence analysts - who specialise in the security situations of Asia, Africa and the Americas - take a closer look at their regions to understand which countries could be most heavily affected by the fuel shortages and growing food crisis across the world.

Selecting a handful of countries or subregions as case studies, the team explore how different nations and their governments will respond to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the consequent soaring prices of food and fuel, particularly in areas of existing instability, economic hardship and conflict.

We discuss the impact of food insecurity and the rising cost of living in Nothern African countries, Central Asia and Lebanon as well as Peru, Ecuador and Chile.

  • Can previous uprisings such as the Arab Spring help us better anticipate unrest in 2022?
  • Can we expect a return to hardline politics in response to the food and fuel crises?
  • What are world leaders doing to combat this issue?

Join Max Taylor, Viraj Pattni and Aaron Arends for an insightful discussion in Intelligence Fusion’s latest podcast episode.

If you enjoyed their analysis and assessment, you can see more from the team over on our blog, on YouTube and in our new Open Source Intelligence Community.

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