Biofield Cleansing, Sound Healing and Biogeometry With Dr. Amy Marshall: IHP 155


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In today’s episode Dr Amy Marshall explains the human biofield and how we can use the scalar energy of sound and shape to heal the emotional body. Join us as Dr. Amy shares her insights into de-cluttering our emotional body, how we can use scalar energy to clear stagnant emotions and how shape and geometry can be used to heal.


  • Learn how to go upstream from the physical body and work on the root layers to disease.
  • Understand how sound as scalar energy can be used to heal.
  • Discover how a tuning fork can pick up emotional distortions in the human biofield
  • Gain insight into how to you can open up and get connected to your own intuition.
  • What is the “clutter” that is getting in the way of your natural healing ability?
  • Discover how “processing” an emotion is different once the energetic imprint is removed.
  • Learn about clearing generational and past life traumas.
  • Gain insight to how the geometry of shape can heal.
  • Discover correlations between specific diseases and corresponding emotional states.


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