Preventing Burnout in Human Resources with Julie Turney


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For this week's Inspirational Leadership Podcast I spoke with Julie Turney who's a People Experience professional with over 15 years in the Human Resources (HR) profession. Her experience spans various companies from startups to Fortune 500’s, where she has worked in cross-functional teams to support purposeful work and meaningful cultures.

Julie is the Founder and CEO of HR@Heart Consulting Inc., a company birthed out of her second bout of HR burnout which caused her to make a conscious decision to heal and help others in her profession to do the same. Her firm focuses on coaching HR professionals to build their resilience agility and find their HR voice.

Julie is also the Lead Organizer of DisruptHR Caribbean, a chapter of DisruptHR LLC based in the US. Disrupt is a speaker event series designed to impact the future of work. She is also the author of the book: Confessions of an HR Pro: Stories of Defeat & Triumph.

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