From Top Model To Top Ultra Runner - Michele Graglia


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For this week's Inspirational Leadership Podcast I spoke with Michele Graglia. Michele left Italy for Miami in 2007 to expand the family business. Caught in a thunderstorm, he ducked into a Johnny Rockets, got scouted by a renowned agent, and walked out a professional model.

An elite modeling career brought expensive cars, penthouses, parties, and celebrities, but his accidental “American Dream” was never his own.

Feeling the emptiness of a shallow, dark lifestyle, Michele set out for adventure and fulfillment, finding it in the unlikeliest place—a book about ultramarathon running.

Within a few short years, his passion and dedication for ultrarunning placed him among the top endurance athletes in the world. Running hundreds of miles in the extremes of the frozen Yukon and the scorching heat of Death Valley, he pushed his body and mind beyond every limit imaginable. His new book, Ultra is not about winning. It’s not about running. It’s a means to return to nature and a journey to find your purpose, giving your all on the quest for your best self.

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