Salesforce’s Path to $50B in Revenue


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Salesforce announced their Q1 FY22 earnings and they once again had another strong quarter. CEO, Mark Benioff, mentioned that they are not only raising FY22 revenue guidance to $26B, but that this $250M increase is the largest raise they have ever had. On top of this, Salesforce once again reminded everyone how confident they are that they will hit $50B by FY26. Salesforce’s “super strong” pipeline and ability to hit an all-time high in 7-figure-plus transactions with more than 4 clouds on average is driving Salesforce’s success. In this podcast, Salesforce Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses where Salesforce will focus to accomplish these goals and the tactics they will deploy to reach their $26B revenue target this year and $50B target four years from now. He also shares how enterprise customers could potentially take advantage of some of these key insights in their upcoming Salesforce negotiations and renewals. Host: Adam Mansfield: SalesForce Commercial Advisory Services:

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