Innocent Persons Life of InDaCarSeat DaTGuY Terry Dwayne Ashford


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Innocent Persons Life of InDaCarSeat DaTGuY Terry Dwayne Ashford you are being directed to to stay on top of the happenings with InDaCarSeat DaTGuY, Terry Dwayne Ashford. TaTMedia was formed from the survival of Terry Dwayne Ashford who is the InDaCarSeat DaTGuY. TaTMedia stands for “T and A Communications” which was aimed at proposal writing contracts and the letter “T” was added to have formed “TAT”. The “T” was selected to accommodate the added service offerings of Telecommunications where Terry Dwayne Ashford achieved his I.T. Networking background. It all began with leaving Fedex and becoming the Software Specialist who brought in the backbone of the Internet under the then direction of Vice President Al Gore. Terry Dwayne Ashford was one of the software specialist that arched in the entire internet to the public through MCI, the telecommunications services where the internet began. We managed the trunk lines of the internet and offered the first internet services through MCI ONE. --- Send in a voice message:

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