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In this episode I discuss the recent passing of rapper Takeoff RIP with Daniel Hype-Man Dan I spoke so much truth in this episode it felt like I was taking off chains that have been holding me down for years. Music, Culture, Porn, W.E.I.R.D. etc I don't think we held back and most importantly the audio is on point this time

Enjoy the show

Listener, I am looking to build a team because I know I can't do it all so if you know someone that knows someone who want to be apart of a team hit me up

  • Inconsistentlyconsistenterik@gmail.com

PREACHY is the 5th season of INCONSISTENTLY CONSISTENT a deep dive into various topics to find ones true self

New episodes of preachy publish on Wednesday

Hosts: E.R.I.K (Everything Real Is Known)

Producer: Erik Polk

Audio Production: Erik Polk

Theme Music: Erik Polk


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