Episode 171: Newcastle United (H) - Farewell Hasenhüttl


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A seismic week on and off the field. Ray, Kevin & Tim react to the fresh news of Ralph Hasenhüttl's dismissal after nearly four years at the helm.

With Luton Town's Nathan Jones on the horizon, the three discuss alternatives amongst the latest odds.

Then, the on-field struggles continue with another embarrassing home defeat. This time, a 1-4 loss at the hands of rampant Newcastle United, who continue their assault up the table.

There's two previews to go through as Tim shares his love for Barry Bannan as we prepare our return to Carabao Cup action against Sheffield Wednesday in midweek. Then the daunting trip to Anfield. The final game before the World Cup pause.

There's also some love for the resident pigeon. Beware!

All of us involved with In That Number would like to say thank you to Ralph for giving us three plus years of service and will look back at his tenure with fondness. Best of luck.

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