9. WORLDVIEWING - Richard Mouw & Matthew Kaemingk


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On this episode of the podcast, we talk with theologians Richard Mouw and Matthew Kaemingk about a new book, edited by Matt and dedicated to Rich - Reformed Public Theology: A Global Vision for Life in the World (Baker Academic, 2021). The theme question of the episode: "why does theology matter for public life?" Some topics we discuss:

  • What do you mean by "Reformed"? What is "public" theology? And what is the unique contribution of the Reformed tradition to public theology?
  • In a book with 20+ authors of different nationalities, vocations, and denominations, what are the common threads these authors share?
  • As we seek to live in a pluralistic world, how do we learn to listen genuinely and to speak gently, with firm conviction?
  • What are some characteristic flaws or blind spots of the Reformed tradition that this book celebrates?
  • What does Reformed public theology have to say when it comes to institutional power, institutional sin, and institutional reform?
  • What does "every square inch" really mean? Why doesn't it mean Christians "taking over"?

If you'd like to read more, In All Things is hosting a four-part review of the book, which will be posted here as they become available:

Part One: https://inallthings.org/an-unlikely-story-a-review-of-reformed-public-theology/

Part Two: https://inallthings.org/neo-calvinism-for-the-nations-reviewing-part-2-3-of-reformed-public-theology/

Part Three: https://inallthings.org/the-academy-and-aesthetics-a-review-of-reformed-public-theology/

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