WAITING - Feature Conversation: Tish Harrison Warren


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On this inaugural episode of the podcast, we have a feature conversation with author Tish Harrison Warren about prayer and about waiting for God. We talk about "praying other people's prayers" and how being connected to the larger church offers us resources beyond ourselves. We also discuss quiet grief, and how being a believer changes the experience of waiting for God.

We also have a short chat with Channon Visscher, the director of the Andreas Center about the vision of In All Things and the plan for this podcast.

During the first two weeks of the podcast, we are giving away five copies of Tish's new book, Prayer in the Night. To enter that giveaway, follow this link: https://kingsumo.com/g/dgkoxe/in-all-things-podcast-prayer-in-the-night-giveaway

For more information about In All Things, you can find us at inallthings.org or follow us on Twitter: @in_all_things

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