DOUBTING - Feature Conversation: A.J. Swoboda


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On this episode of the podcast, we are talking to A.J. Swoboda, a pastor, professor, and writer, about his new book After Doubt. Our theme question for the episode: what does it mean to question our faith without losing it?

  • Discerning between honest and dishonest questioning
  • How to honor the communities that nurtured us while also acknowledging their limitations
  • Counsel for those who are doubting, as well as for those who are trying to walk with doubters (parents & teachers)
  • The importance of the local congregation when it comes to holding onto faith

As we’ve done with previous episodes, we are giving away five copies of A.J.'s book. You can enter the drawing by following In All Things on Social Media, sharing or re-tweeting this episode; leaving a review of the podcast will get you three bonus entries! (tag us or let us know to make sure your name is included). Thanks again for tuning in!

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