The FUTURE of Recreational Drugs & Their POTENTIAL Could Change Your LIFE | David Nutt


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Research in the fields of neuroscience and pharmacology over the past several decades have resulted in countless positive benefits for humanity.
But until very recently, certain classes of drugs had been rigorously excluded from clinical trials - namely, the class of drugs commonly known as psychedelics.
Fortunately, a handful of organizations around the world have been making breakthroughs in psychedelic drug research, working in cooperation with government regulators to answer this question: what are these drugs doing to our brains and bodies?
One such researcher is today’s guest - Dr. David Nutt. He and his team at Drug Science have brought together leading drug experts from many different clinical backgrounds, with the goal of providing clear, evidence-based information about how a wide range of drugs - from CBD to PCP - impact the human system.
In his latest book, Cannabis (seeing through the smoke): The New Science of Cannabis and Your Health, Dr. Nutt gives an in-depth look into one of the most commonly used recreational psychedelics on the planet: cannabis.
In today’s episode, we discuss David’s findings on how cannabis affects different systems in the brain, how it differs from other classes of drugs, what the future of drug research looks like, and much much more!
00:00 | How Cannabis Works
03:54 | How Will I Respond to Cannabis?
09:21 | Benefits of Cannabis
22:09 | Psychedelics & Your Brain
32:27 | Are Drugs Safe?
38:51 | The Future of Cannabis
“You've got to remember - cannabis can affect pretty much every other neurotransmitter system in the brain.” [09:13]
“Medical cannabis is going to be the big revolution over the next 20 years, if we use it properly.” [13:45]
“Normally, the visual system is just embedded in the visual system. But under psychedelics, because you break down the default mode network, the visual system can then connect everywhere in the brain.” [28:10]
“It needs to be tested. We need to be doing lots of studies, but we're not because it's a plant product and doesn't fit into the current model of pharmaceutical drug development.” [41:24]
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