IGN UK Podcast #602: The Legend of Zelda - Tale of the Bush Fighter


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In the 602nd episode of the IGN UK Podcast, Simon Cardy is joined by Joe Skrebels and Matt Purslow to discuss the highlights (and a lowlight) from EA Play Live 2021. Then, by way of a little journey through Cardy's Mass Effect playthrough, the chat moves to games that are playable right now, namely The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and Death's Door. Is Skyward Sword as bad as people remember? Is Death's Door GOTY material? Get a bunch of subjective opinions right here. There's also another nail-biting edition of the Endless Search, your feedback (including the demonically-tinged tale of a young bush fighter) and a brief bit of Loki full-spoilers chat right at the end. Remember, if you want to get in touch with the podcast, please do: ign_ukfeedback@ign.com.

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