Episode 16: March 2021 - Iain Willis pres The Buttnaked Soulful House Sessions


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Hi Guys, As we drift along nicely into the spring the more sunny vibes start to appear in the mixes I put together (let’s just say it’s been a long winter.. you know what I mean)..So with a nice poolside vibe it’s my pleasure to bring you the March 2021 edition of The Buttnaked Soulful House Sessions..hope you all enjoy. #MatureMusic #SoulfulHouse #DeepHouse #lounge #deep #soulful #vocalhouse #housechart
01. Groove Junkies & Reelsoul feat Tertulien Thomas - Risin(To The Top) (Groove N- Soul Sunday Service Vocal Mix) MoreHouse
02. Joey Negro - Must Be The Music (Original Disco Mix) Z Records
03. Matt Early & Lee Jeffries feat Will Bee - Love Is Growing Deeper (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix) Lockdown Records
04. Funkatomic feat Derrick McKenzie & Tracy Hamlin - Ride on the Moon (Funkatomic Mix) WU records
05. Gabor Deutsch feat N'dea Davenport - Love With Desire (Ricky Inch Nusoul Remix) Dublife
06. Cafe 432 feat Ms Swaby - Alright (Extended Club Mix) Soundstate Records
07. T-Groove feat Ania Garvey - Lets Feel Good (John Morales M+M Main Mix) LAD Publishing & Records
08. Sunlightsquare feat Tasita D'Mour - Heaven Only Knows (Hippie T & Sunlightsquare Original Mix) Sunlightsquare Records
09. Cosmo Star - Sunset Luvin (Doruk Ozlen Remix) Sofitone
10. Alex & Chris feat Shatti - With You (Original Mix) Take It or Leave It
11. Lori Glori & Melchior Sultana - Believe (Original Mix) Profound Sound
12. Brandon Markell Holmes - Museum of R&B (Toucan Sounds Edit) Toucan Sounds
13. Mus Threee & The Funklovers feat Carla Prather - Real Good Feeling (Elba Sunset House Mix) Rhemi Music
14. Kai & Kyle feat Nadir Simon - Love No Limit (Kerri Chandler Media Vocal Mix) Toolroom
15. Cafe 432 feat Ms Swaby - Spirit Free (Cafe 432 Bump Mix) Soundstate Records
16. Distant People feat Stephanie Cooke - Send Me (Reelsoul Full Length Mix) Indeed Records
17. The Sunburst Band - In The Thick Of It (Joey Negro's Endless Summer Mix) Z Records
18. Lips feat Bongi Mvuyana - Time Is Now (Groove Assassin Remix) Nite Grooves
19. Black Coffee - Superman (Eric Faria & United Soul Brothers Rework) CDR Promo
20. Spencer Grey feat Heather Johnson - Pillow Talk (Ananda Project Mix) Loveslap Recordings 2002 **Back Of the Box track**
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