Episode 15: February 2021 - Iain Willis pres The Buttnaked Soulful House Sessions


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Hi Guys, Here we go with the first instalment of soulful/deep house (Buttnaked style) for 2021...As always a massive thank you for listening in… find it at the at the sites below. #MatureMusic #SoulfulHouse #DeepHouse #lounge #deep #soulful #vocalhouse #housechart
01. Federico d-Alessio, Yvette Pylant - Shining (Deep City Reprise) Soulstice Music
02. Wez Whynt feat Earl W- Green - Body Heat (Dub Mix) Good Vibrations Music
03. Seb Skalski feat. L.T. Brown - I Live for That Day (Original Mix) Quantize Recordings
04. Lisa Taylor - Funny Feeling (Hideo Kobayashi Remix) Fuente Music
05. Soulful Delivers feat Pathy Andréas - Revitalized (Original Mix) Soulbridge Records
06. Exte C feat Tonechild - Happiness (Sean Ali Remix) Pasqua Records S.A
07. Tracebeatz & Bob feat Milton Lee - Wish upon a Star (Original Mix) Vibe Boutique Records
08. Andrea Erre & Soul Groove feat Tony Mac - I Believe in You (Guido P Mix) Soul Mood Records
09. Sofia Rubina - Dimension (Rightside & Mark Di Meo Remix) Soulstice Music
10. Marc Cotterell feat Doreen Younglove - I'am (5AM Get Laid Mix) Plastik People Digital
11. S.E.L feat Bryan Chambers - Falling (Booker T Vocal Mix) Liquid Deep
12. Mind State feat Natalie Wood - One Night (Original Mix) Quantize Recordings
13. David Morales & DJ Spen feat Carla Prather - I Got the Love (David Morales Reprise) Quantize Recordings
14. Brian Power feat Lucita Jules - Optimistic (Long Keys Remix) SoulHouse Music
15. Wamdue Project feat Jonathan Mendelsohn- Forgiveness (Aurélien R on a Journey) Fierce Angel Records
16. Mario Basanov feat Donny Montell - Truly Love (Original Mix) Runemark Records
17. BRS - Get In There (Original) Boogie Cafe Records
18. Atjazz feat Robert Owens - Love Someone (Fromwood World Soul Remix) Atjazz Records
19. Janet Rushmore – Insanity (Main Mix) Smack
20. Hideo Kobayashi feat Lisa Taylor - Right Here (Original Mix) Fuente Music 2016 **Back Of the Box track**
All tracks featured on the show/mix are for promotional purposes and can be purchased through all leading download sites...please support the artist…without them…we have nothing.
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