Having the Authority with Jackie Weaver and Laura Smyth


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Lynne Parker speaks to Zoom sensation Jackie Weaver with the help of comedian Laura Smyth, winner of the 2019 Funny Women Stage Award. After that video of the Handsforth Parish Council meeting went viral, Jackie has embraced the limelight. She puts this down to her inner confidence and with her own podcast, book deal and a guest spot on a popular BBC Radio 4 programme, who are we to doubt her?! Jackie also reveals how wearing three inch heels all day as part of her uniform when working in retail built her resilience. Laura is her match in terms of confidence and recently celebrated becoming a fully professional comedy performer and writer. She relates her experience of teaching teenagers in an East London school with how to deal with rowdy comedy crowds. Plus they discuss the perils of performing stand up, with or without PowerPoint.

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