EP14 How to build and communicate a narrative.


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This is not the place where you'll hear about how to build a billion-dollar business, win an ironman event, or find spiritual enlightenment. What I can share is my experience around how to build, lead and exit a business of maybe a few million dollars, how to place in the top 10 in a mountain bike stage race or how to implement systems to continually work and improve on your mental and physical health.In short…I might be able to offer a little help on how to be moderately successful. To be really clear, nothing that I share is financial advice or advice of any kind for that matter but rather my own experience shared. It’s critical that you do your own research on anything that I share in this podcast and that you take responsibility for your own decisions.I want to challenge you to be more than just a passenger. If you hear anything in any of the episodes that resonate with you and that you want to implement in your own life, take action by teaching that thing to someone within the next 24 hours and then ask them to hold you accountable for doing the thing that you said you were going to do. Teaching is often the best way to learn and accountability is usually the thing between talk and meaningful, consistent action.
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